Changing Perceptions & The Dragon.

Changing Perceptions & The Dragon.

Good morning!

For today’s post, I decided to do something a little different and fun! A dear friend of mine has some great knowledge and has created The Dream Traveler. I decided to share it with you this week because it is the perfect match for our newest weekly challenge. Read bellow to learn more about it!

Dream Traveler

In many cultures the dragon is seen very differently some see it as a protector some see it as a predator. How do you view your challenges? Changing perceptions encourages a new way of thinking about fear/anxieties or the unknown. Turning thoughts on their head helps transform fear and anxiety into knew ways of viewing the unfamiliar and frightening. If one thought the opposite, what would that mean? How would they feel? How would they (re) approach their challenges. Using the example of the dragon: “I’m afraid of the dragon.” Turn that thought upside down: “I love the dragon” or “The dragon will eat me.” Upside down: “I will eat the dragon.” The act of starting some sort of conversation or interaction about a topic can become a kind of humorous stepping of point to meet personal challenges. ~ Jillian Suzanne

The playful Exchange™ & Dream Traveler™ (Created by Jillian Suzanne) provides an opportunity to ignite empowerment by inviting participants to actively engage. Through story one can reframe perspectives and explore new perceptions. The exchange of collaborative story creates meaningful connections, which promote the value of an individuals unique contribution, as they establish a sense of community with another.


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Week 18

Can’t remember what this week’s challenge is? Here ya go:

Week 18 Challenge: This week our challenge is to cultivate a happier, therefore healthier mindset!

Each day this week, I want you to pick one new ritual to incorporate (we are gonna raise our serotonin levels)!

1. Challenge your negative thoughts: the rule of thumb is for every 1 negative thought it takes 3 positive thoughts to erase the effects of it
2. Show gratitude
3. Practice self-compassion
4. Meditate
5. Exercise for your wellbeing not your body weight.
6. At the end of your day make an herbal tea and read for a bit!
7. Your perception matters: if you think you are inactive, you will have a 72% higher mortality risk! So change your mind! Get active: vacuum, put the dishes away, clean your house, get creative and get out of your own way!
8: Get creative when talking about your food choices: to feel deeply satisfied with healthier foods, eat in a mindset of indulgence! Talk about your food as decadent versus depriving can transform your food choices and your health. Studies show that by describing your food as delicious and rich in taste actually caused a 41% increase in vegetable consumption.
9. Find the silver lining in everything!
10. Report only the good news!

Hope you have a wonderful week!


Kim Shapira MS, RD

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