Cardio vs Weight Lifting || Weight Loss

Cardio vs Weight Lifting || Weight Loss

The Big Question: Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

Trying to lose weight, but don’t know which one is better for quicker results well let me tell ya!

With the New Year right around the corner and many people working on their resolutions, which close to always include weight loss, this will help you better decide which is best for you.

Not everyone is a fan of cardio – it definitely took me a while to start enjoying it! Once you begin to see results then you begin to put up with it, and from there your love grows. Weight Lifting is for those looking to go at a slower pace, but still burn and build. Now let’s break them down more in depth!


  • Burns more calories per session. During the activity your body will burn those unwanted calories, but it stops once you stop.
  • How much you burn depends on how much you weigh. The more you weigh, the more calories you will burn.
  • How many calories you burn also depends on the intensity of your cardio session.

Weight Lifting

  • Burns less than a cardio session of the same duration, but it continues to burn after the session is over. This is good for those who may have a very inactive rest of their day.
  • Builds muscle whereas cardio does not.
  • The state of resting metabolism showed an increase in tissue and fat burning. More so in men than women. After a good weight lifting session in the morning you can go about your day in the office and your body will slowly continue to break down & burn the excess fat. Not as dramatically as a intense cardio workout, but enough to aid in your weight loss journey.


Though Cardio and Weight Lifting tend to be the most popular forms of fitness, don’t forget there are other options! If you are looking to burn those calories fast then try a high intensity interval training. Short bursts of intense exercise followed by a low intensity exercise will surely get your heart rate up there and burn those cals!

I recommend switching between multiple forms of exercise. Its great to lose that excess fat, but keeping muscle definition is also a plus! Your body enjoys the surprise so often try something new!



Kim Shapira MS, RD

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