Did Belly Fat Creep Up On You?

Did Belly Fat Creep Up On You?

Did Belly Fat Creep Up On You?

Most of the time, belly fat grows slowly over the years and gets increasingly more noticeable as the time goes on; if you don’t control it, of course. Other times, it can creep up on you in a faster than normal manner, and here are some reasons why!

  1. Do you drink diet sodas and other diet drinks? Studies have shown time and time again that artificial sweeteners trick your brain. This leads to an increased craving for sweets, quite ironic. The end result – causing you to eat more! That’s right, the more artificial sweeteners you eat/drink, the more unsatisfied your body will be, and the more potential that belly has to grow.
  2. Are you getting enough sleep? You could be messing up your hormones with your sleep schedule! On top of that, when you are sleep deprived, your brain releases extra cortisol, which is a stress hormone. High levels of this stress hormone physically lead to an enlarged appetite. Don’t let your sleeping habits control your belly fat; get enough sleep!
  3. Do you live on a noisy street? Studies show we increase our abdominal obesity risk by 29% when we have regular exposure to noise! This correlates directly with getting enough sleep. When it is constantly loud (traffic, planes, trains, etc), it is difficult to regulate your sleep schedule. Without proper sleep, your appetite increases and so does your belly size. A study reviewed by CBS showed an increase of almost an inch around the abdominal region for people living in above average noise areas. Find a way to quiet down your environment!
  4. Do you avoid milk?  Although many people start to cut milk out of the equation when they start a diet, it is not the best option at hand. Milk is rich in Calcium, and calcium can help youwith regulating your diet through your hunger. Plus, in the long run, skimping on the Calcium mineral tends to put on 7 extra pounds in your lifetime! The daily recommendations are 3 cups of milk or yogurt a day!  By adding milk-based products into your daily intake, it causes you to suppress a hormone that promotes fat storage! So don’t say bye to milk completely, it can actually help!
  5. Do you love food shows? They could actually be tricking you into thinking many unhealthy recipes are normal and okay to eat. Be sure to do your own research or hire a Dietician to know what you should really be eating. Television isn’t the best place to find healthy recipes, try looking online, or getting an actual Healthy Cookbook. There are thousands to choose from and most of the time have useful information on what and how much you should be eating, including calories per serving and other nutritional information. Another tip is to cut back on your tv viewing, which will get you moving around more, and burn fat instead of sit and let your belly create it. Or, try exercising while watching TV. Some easy exercises to do while still watching are Sit-ups, Crunches, Lunges, and Squats. These will get your heart rate going and burn fat while still getting to binge your favorite Netflix series.

Now get to it; start fixing bad habits and waving Goodbye to that useless belly fat. I hope you enjoyed this read, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the Comment section below.


Kim Shapira MS, RD

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