Are You Narrow-Minded?

Are You Narrow-Minded?

Narrow-Mindedness, It Just Isn’t Good

Do you consider yourself narrow-minded? Not likely. Most people, even the ones that are narrow-minded don’t believe they are. Which is very narrow-minded. All joking aside, we can all benefit from trying to be a little more open-minded. Narrow-mindedness can actually lead to fanaticism, which is actually defined as excessive or an unreasonable amount of zeal. How can that possibly be? Well, its actually quite a simple process. While most people may believe a certain thing is one way, and the narrow-minded person believes it to be another way – they try their best to show their side, their point of view. The tend to refuse what someone else thinks as a remote possibility. In addition, narrow-minded people have a desire to convince other people to think their way and believe in their beliefs. Because of that, they become extra eager in proving their “point.”

As you can imagine, this isn’t the healthiest mindset someone can have, by any means. In fact, by allowing yourself to view other people’s opinions and mindsets, you are not only learning from them, whether it be true or not, but also being viewed as something who they can talk to. And since you wouldn’t really admit to yourself that you may be narrow-minded, it is best if we all assume we are all a little. By doing so, we can each benefit by allowing ourselves to open up to each other, absorb as much information and opinion as we can, and then make a rational decision on what we would like to believe in. Also, this can apply to your everyday life! Even if it is a heated debate over which restaurant has the better dish, allow the other person/people involved to make their case, and actually listen.

Another tendency for narrow or even closed-minded people is to disregard what others are saying, while starting to build their own case in their mind. By taking your thoughts away from what someone else is saying, you actually aren’t truly getting to understand their point and where they are coming from. With all the hectic political campaigns and debates these days, being open-minded can really help you truly appreciate and recognize where someone else is coming from with their beliefs, which is not only respectful, but also good for your mindfulness.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to have an open-mind, as it can help everyone involved! Leave any thoughts and comments below! I hope you have a great day!!



Kim Shapira M.S., R.D.

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