An App for Drinking Water? It’s Not What You Think.

An App for Drinking Water? It’s Not What You Think.

An App for Drinking Water? It’s Not What You Think.

Over the last ten years, apps went from an idea that was probably ridiculed to one of the biggest, fastest growing markets in history. There are apps for everything – business, printing, games, entertainment, movies, music, and water. Wait a second. Water? That’s right. Well, it doesn’t let you drink straight from your phone or tablet, but with their software and smart bottle technology, there is a great range of how they can assist in maintaining your hydration.

The company is called Moikit and it is on a venture to cure dehydration. Although they offer a variety of different products, one of which includes a smart-pitcher for water, today we will be discussing the smart-bottle. So what is a smart-bottle? Well, it is a stainless steel, rewashable container that holds your water when you are on the go. More than that, it has an LED screen on the lid to monitor the temperature of the water inside the bottle (super cool). The best feature of this company is that app that pairs up with the smart-bottle, which informs you of how much you have had to drink, how many sips you have had, and your goal for that day.

One of the ways that it really helps in hydration is by reminding you when to drink. Since it knows your goal for the day, it calculates how often you will have to drink depending on how much you have had thus far. For instance, if your goal for the day is 8 cups of water (which by the way, for those who didn’t already know this, equals to half a gallon or 1893 mL), and you only have 4 left to drink, it will remind you periodically to start taking some more sips.

If you are one of those people that have a hard time getting their daily water consumption on track, then Moikit might be right up your alley. Head over to their website and at least give them a look, you never know, you might fall in love. Link is below.


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