Charcoal & Detoxing… How Are They Correlated?

Charcoal & Detoxing… How Are They Correlated?

Charcoal & Detoxing… How Are They Correlated?

Could Eating Charcoal Help You Detox?

In recent news, Activated Charcoal has been a headline time and time again. The thoughts of whether or not Activated Charcoal is good or bad for you, if it can whiten your teeth, if it helps your digestive system, and many other questions and queries are being brought up every single week.

Can Charcoal really be something that we eat?

Well sure it can. Is it HEALTHY? Now, that’s another story. Until it has been tested over and over again but qualified professionals, there is no way to prove it won’t have long term negative effects. There are people who are already using it to whiten their teeth and control their bloating if they have issues, but it isn’t regulated and who knows what the effects may be 10 years down the road.

A Doctor that works for the Department of Energy Medicine explains that she wouldn’t use it as a medication herself, without a medical professional’s instruction. Emergency professionals sometimes use Activated Charcoal to treat poison consumption. The Charcoal soaks up everything it can and is then passed through a bowel movement. It is important to keep in mind when taking Activated Charcoal yourself is that it is also soaking up all the beneficial nutrients as well; one’s that you may just want to hold on to.

As for other uses, like trying to rid your skin of acne, or whitening your teeth with it. It would still behoove you to wait until some testing has been conducting. Although, not fully consuming it on the regular is already much better than swallowing Activated Charcoal after each meal, unless it has been recommended by your Doctor. Whichever route you decide to take, make sure you don’t overdo it, and be sure to check with your chosen medical professional to make sure what you are doing is healthy.

If you have used or currently use Activated Charcoal for any personal health issues, let us know how it affected you, if you are for/against it, and just your overall thoughts on the subject in the Comment section below. Thanks for reading!



Kim Shapira MS, RD

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